Vocal Lessons

Knox Singing 

Michelle, Caitlin and Matt make singing as natural and easy as speaking. They produce an effortless, powerful and expressive voice in their students. 

Classes are individual private sessions in a relaxed and fun studio environment. Focus is put on correct vocal technique so that students may sing with ease from their lowest note right through to their highest note without 'flipping' or 'breaking'. They also encourage students to develop their own sense of style. Knox Singing holds reqular 'Concert & Dinner' performances through the year.

Half hour and Hour lessons are available Monday - Saturday. Please contact us to secure your spot. 


Call our studio on 9758 7372 or contact Michelle on 0433 195 992 or via email at knoxsinging@yahoo.com

You can also find us on Facebook by liking
"Mr Music Lessons" or you can search for the name "Knox Singing" to view all our photos and videos of performances.

 ** Mention seeing us on the web for your first lesson discount!